Sunday, 26 June 2016


Are you tired of breaking your back for that perfect all over tan? Maybe your partner needs a break from being the reliable back tanner? Look no further...

Bronzie is the new back AND body tanner called 'Got Your Back', that has hit the market recently. You may have seen it take over your social media, and you may have thought to yourself "Does it really work?" Yes, yes it does. I was lucky enough to be sent the 'Bronzie' to try out and report back to my fellow readers. First of all, I think we should talk about how SOFT the Bronzie is! I think the softness is the main reason as to why this tanning mitt works so well. The soft texture just seems to make the tan glide on evenly and smoothly. I find normal tanning mitt's soft at first, and then it disappears and becomes as rough as sand on your skin. Ouch. With Bronzie this doesn't happen. I even washed it in the washing machine, and it came out as good as new!

The Bronzie looks very similar to one of those scarfs with the mitts on the end for your hands. This means you can use the hand mitts to tan your arms and the front of your body. Then use the scarf part to rub along your back and the parts of your body that you feel you are normally doing acrobatics to reach. Handy right? The Bronzie meant that what would normally take me a solid half an hour of tanning the whole body, now means that I can half that!

So, are you tired of breaking your back for that all over tan? Especially with summer here! Click here to be redirected to Bronzie UK now and make sure you order yours TODAY! Trust me, it will be worth it.

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