Friday, 3 February 2017

Don't quit the 'New Year New Me' just yet...

Keeping into that New Year fitness after January can be challenging for us newbies, trust me I should know! The whole 'New Year New Me' thing can wear off all too quickly. I have spent the last three years saying that 'I am going to be the next fitness junkie' and don't get me wrong, I start the New Year with a real motivation, but by the time February hits I am back to being a couch potato. (Imagine an upside down emoticon face here) So, this year I said I was going to stick with it, and stop talking about it and do it! Here is my blog post on how to stay motivated to keep fit and healthy and the essentials you need. So, put down the FAD diets and let's get motivated! 


I am one of those people that use to be obsessed with fizzy pop and squash and all things sugary. Everything apart from water. And do you know what put me off drinking water? The constant reminder that we had to drink 2 liters a day! 2 liters sounds just like so much, doesn't it? Later in 2016, I was sent this incredible water bottle by HydrateM8. They create motivational water bottles that encourage you to drink your 2 liters a day, without the added pressure. If you see in the pictures below, one side of the bottle gives you a kick-ass quote that pumps you into motivation and on the other side has times running down from 9 am all through to 6 pm. The bottle is designed to encourage you to refill and drink up. Now, I can easily drink 2 liters a day and sometimes even more! HydrateM8 offer smaller bottles and the regular size bottles that vary in prices from £11.99 to £13.99. And for that price, you really cannot argue!  


I have an incredible Personal Trainer, who also has a blog (click here). She may be like family, but she still motivates me and comes down on me like a ton of bricks if I don't complete my workout, specifically those dreaded burpees. She can seriously be scary! The first thing she told me when we started working out together was to get some funky gym wear. I couldn't understand why bog standard black gym wear wasn't okay? Now I get it! I don't have the most confidence, I put on a front, yes, but I wouldn't say I am 100% confident when I workout. Then, I started to wear ProSkin's ZigZag full print leggings and sports bra. You might think these are loud, but I tell you what they boost your confidence when you are working out! And this is exactly what you need when you are about to commit to 30 burpees. 


I do enjoy going to the gym, don't get me wrong, but I can get bored quite quickly. And I never know how long I should be there for? I also get extremely intimidated when I am in a workout class. Apart from spinning. Spinning is the only exercise class that I feel the urge to compete with the others in the room. Up until last month, I had never even considered boxing. But now I am in LOVE with it. Being a member of Fitness First in Hammersmith opens up tons of exercise doors. There are loads of core classes, and the staff there are just incredibly helpful (apart from the manager Jonno, who isn't that friendly. But never mind, that's another story!) I met one of the staff members there called Mikey, who is trained in Personal Training and Boxing. He convinced me to give boxing ago, particularly since I hated my arms and struggled to find a workout that would fix those (and dare I say it) bingo wings! Now I am hassling him to book in those boxing classes non-stop! It is particularly great if people wind you up, and you tend to hold onto a lot of anger and stress. Just take it out on those boxing pads! Although, don't do what I did and nearly hit the instructor (sorry again, Mikey)! What was great about Mikey's exercise is that is can be just you and the instructor, or you can bring a friend along! This meant that we did something called 'Ten to One.' One of you boxes with the instructor while the other starts with ten burpees, squats, sit-ups and slams. Then you swap over, and eventually, the Ten will go to nine, then eight and all the way down to one. I am not a 'sweater' when I workout, but trust me I was drenched after this. If you are in the Hammersmith area and need a boxing instructor then definitely hit Mikey up! Click here for his Instagram page. 


Instagram is a powerful tool and is only going to get more powerful-er as we go into the future. So use it! There are thousands of fitness and health enthusiasts on Instagram that have created their feed to, yes most likely show off, but it's also there to motivate us couched potatoes. Don't deny that when you see a picture of Kylie Jenner rocking her bathing suit, you instantly feel motivated to the maximum! So, now we have this saved section on our Instagram, which means we can save other people's feed without them knowing. Use that as your motivational timeline. And each time you go to the gym or workout from home take a look at that Kylie Jenner picture and think 'yeah, I could be that fit.' I am very anti the whole inspired to look like somebody mindset, because everyone's body is different, and different shapes suit different people but that doesn't mean they cannot motivate you to be a better and healthier you. 

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