Monday, 24 August 2015

REVIEW: Milkshake to go With NEW Mini Products

Are you off on holiday any time soon, even if it is for a long weekend or a couple of days? If yes, then you need to invest in the NEW Milkshake Mini Products! (And if you are not going away, just invest in the original sized products - they are worth it!) 
I went away to Center Parcs this weekend. It was hot, then wet, then hot again. There was a lot of walking, swimming and trying to find hot spots to access Wi-Fi or 3G. These Milkshake products made my trip just that little bit more exciting! I always find going away, whether it is outside of the UK or inside the UK, extremely difficult on my hair! I love to go swimming and chlorine is usually the culprit to dry and flat hair. I also can never be bothered to go and purchase luxury mini products (I usually just visit 'Boots' or 'Superdrug' and raid their 3 for 2 offers on holiday mini essentials!). However, last week I received a very lovely package from Milkshake with some of their brand new mini products for me to take on my travels. If anyone has ever been to Center Parcs (Longleat), then you will know how adventurous the swimming pool is! I feel like a big kid whenever I go there. I used these products after swimming each day. I would never advise you to wash your hair every day because it can be difficult to maintain and it can damage the hair. However, when you are away and chlorine is putting your hair into a worse condition then yes, I give you permission! There is never tons of product in the mini's, but there is enough to last you between 3-7 days (Depending on how long/short or thick/thin your hair is).

Integrity Intensive Treatment
I applied a thumb-sized amount to my hair and massaged into the roots and ends after I had been swimming. Lets face it, you are going to walk back to your Villa/apartment or hotel with wet hair so why not apply a little bit of moisturiser to help along the way? I know the back of the product advises you to leave on for 3-5 minuets but I can never understand how that is enough time to really work on your hair. Plus, I feel that I am not waiting for a product to work if I am busy doing something else. This trip back would take around 20-30 minuets. I would then go into the shower and rinse off and apply the...

Colour maintainer Shampoo
Once I rinsed the intensive treatment out I applied a small amount of shampoo to my hair and lathered it up! I then rinsed and repeated. My hair had only been coloured a week ago and I have found most shampoos have been drawing my colour out a lot! I didn't find my colour being drawn out with Milkshake's shampoo and conditioner, and this is because they are made with Organic Muru Muru Butter and are sulfate and salt-free!

Colour maintainer Conditioner
Now, you may not think that you would need a conditioner AND an intensive treatment? You are wrong. Your hair can never get enough moisture. I find using both makes my hair feel that little bit softer and silkier. Obviously, if you like your hair to have a more 'rustic' texture then I may not use both, maybe just the conditioner.  I feel a conditioner locks in the cleanliness and softness that you have just achieved with the treatment and shampoo. It is like the icing on the cake. Just finishes it off nicely! I always apply conditioner just on the ends of the hair and brush through. You do not want to apply too much as this conditioner goes a long way! It is also tinted light brown/dark blonde, which is reassuring! 

Whipped Cream-Leave in Foam
Once you have towel dried your hair you need some sort of product to volumize your hair if you're going out for a meal in the evening or out for drinks? This is fantastic! Most people assume hair mousse/foam is for crinkling your hair to create a dry look, however, I love using this leave in foam for blow-drying my hair to hold the volume achieved from the round brush. I feel it holds the shape you mold the hair into as well! Squirt a golf ball sized amount into your hair, rub your hands together and work through the hair with it flipped forward. This will make it easier to add an 'upwards' effect and for you to evenly distribute through the whole head of hair. Then you can blow dry! 

I went away with family and friends over the weekend and have converted them all into purchasing these products. I personally would say that these 4 are fantastic for holidays and trips away. You would be silly not to buy them. Click here to be directed to Milkshakes Website to purchase these and more of their lovely items! 

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