Thursday, 20 August 2015

Review: Windle & Moodie Invisible Day and Night Cream

Windle & Moodie is one of the hair and beauty brands that is on my top 10 favorites! I was surprised and shocked at how many people had not heard of their products before, or even their brand name. I was kindly sent their 'Invisible day and night cream' to review and share with you all! This could not have arrived at a better time as I have had my hair completely re-styled and coloured this week and I hate that dry feeling you sometimes achieve with hair dye. 

Invisible Day & Night Cream
Believe it or not, this is a day and night hair cream. I have never used or even heard of a hair cream that you leave in and do not rinse out. I have been waiting for something like this to find me as I love the idea of knowing your hair is moisturized. You read so many shampoos and conditioner labels telling you that it 'nourishes' and 'adds moisture' to the hair, but how much do we agree? I personally like to separate my products into their functions, instead of having a shampoo and conditioner that have all your problems solved into one product! (Don't get me wrong; I do love a colour protection shampoo and condition. But how can we really trust that the product does all the functions it promises?)
The first thing that I was unsure about was how much to use? I have longish hair that is very thick! (Alternatively if you would like to be 'hairdresser technical' - My hair is an average thickness but I have a lot of it!). So, I used a thumb-sized amount and rubbed it into my hands so that I could get an even coverage over my hair. I personally would recommend using this from the crown of your head to the ends of your hair. The hair on the top of your head is nourished enough (in my opinion!) with conditioner or even a hair mask. 'Windle & Moodie' products are not exactly 'cheap'. They are 110% worth their money, but to ensure you are not going through this product once a week, only use it on the area(s) of your hair that are in need of this fantastic moisture, and I would say once every 3-4 days. It says you can use it day and night (or even both!), but if you have a super busy lifestyle I would recommend washing your hair one evening, blow-drying and then applying this Invisible day and night cream before you go to sleep. Once you have massaged the product into the hair, always brush through softly! This will ensure all the layers of your hair have been coated as well! 
I have to admit, it was nice to wake up with super soft and silky hair, but at the same time minus the grease. I usually like my hair to be a bit messy when I style it as I like the volume, and I still managed to achieve this look. I can now inform you all, that my mother has officially 'nicked' the product from my cosmetic bag and refuses to give it back because she loves it so much as well! 

If like me you now need to invest in another one, or you would like to try this product for yourself, then click here to be redirected to the Windle and Moodie 'Invisible day and night cream' page. Retailing at only £18.50 it is definitely one you should invest in! Thank you Windle and Moodie for this fantastic product!

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