Thursday, 13 August 2015

Review: NSPA Beauty rituals

I have studied the beauty industry for quite some time now, and NSpa only just came into my life around 6 months ago. Up until then I had never heard of the brand! I received the 'Deep Cleaning Face Wash' and 'Skin Renewal Gel'. Oh, and they are both dermatologically tested!

I had never used a facial wash before NSpa. Since using this product my skin has felt cleansed and fresh. The best part, it doesn't irritate my skin at all! I find most skin products quite irritating due to the psoriasis. It's packed with natural Vitamin E and essential oils as well as avocado and apricot. Vitamin E is fantastic for moisturising. It is also proven to protect the skin from UV rays (which is perfect for this holiday season!). Along with the essential oils this face wash will soften and purify the skin! I use this product once in the morning to remove any excess make-up or dirt from the day before and then once in the evening after make-up removal. Massage well into damp skin and then rinse well with warm water and pat dry. Don't worry about how much you may be using, one squirt lathers up loads!

This is the most amazing product I have EVER used. My skin always feels super dry every day, and make-up being worn doesn't help - lets be honest. This gel makes my skin soft and feel brand new. I know that after using this gel, I can wear make-up and not feel paranoid about my skin looking and feeling dry half way through the day. I use this each morning. Massage it in to damp skin after using the 'deep cleansing face wash' (it say's in circular motion on the label. I think any shape will create the same effect), BUT leave it on the skin for around 1 minuet. I will repeat the massage movement after the minuet and then wash off with warm water and pat dry gently. You do not want to rub the skin and ruin the softness going on! It also says on the label to use once or twice a week, again I find my skin SO dry that I like to use it each morning. I guess you should adapt the amount of times per week to suit your skin condition. This product is more suited to dry skin than oily skin - so bare this in mind!

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