Saturday, 8 August 2015

Review: Taupe '999' MAC Lipstick

I will try and avoid the cliché MAC cosmetic reviews that most beauty bloggers do (I do love MAC), however, I need to share this fantastic shade of lipstick that I purchased the other week. 

I receive a lot of emails from MAC explaining their new products, their best products (the usual for a Make-up artist), but I never really pay attention. I usually just go into the store and have a look for myself. One email grabbed me though! It was titled 'Essentials for glowing bronze skin'. During this week I had become very attached to my fake tan as I knew I wasn't travelling abroad anywhere hot this summer. As you can imagine, the words bronzing and glowing skin sounded fantastic to me! Anyway, I scrolled through the email and came across this lipstick. The image above doesn't give the colour justice! Its such a lovely deep, yet natural bronzed lipstick and it blends perfectly with my 'Spice' MAC Lip liner. I find it quite difficult sometimes to really fall in love with a lipstick colour because I do have quite full lips, however, I feel so confident when I wear this lipstick... It makes me want to pout! 

I would say this lipstick is defiantly for the ladies with fuller lips! Click here and give it a try today!

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