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INTERVIEW: 'Beauty School Dropout Academy' with Nicola Schuller

For those who have not heard about the brand new academy launching very soon for aspiring Hair and Make-up Artist, then put your brushes down now! Beauty School Dropout is arriving in London VERY SOON! 

I have been very lucky to be able to interview one of the creators of Beauty School Dropout, Nicola Schuller, about the brand new academy coming soon and about the inspiration behind it! For anybody who is unfamiliar with Nicola Schuller and Lou Teasdale, they are two incredibly talented Hair and Make-up Artists that have inspired my career and creativity for a while now. Nicola Schuller studied at London College of Fashion at the age of 16 the Hair and Make-up course that I am studying now. She has been the Make-up artist for Caroline Flack and Russell Brand as well as working on many television shows. Lou Teasdale, like Nicola, studied at London College of Fashion. Lou has worked for the likes of Olly Murs, One Direction and has had her work featured in publications such as Vogue, Glamour and Cosmopolitan. (As you can imagine, my excitement for this interview just was out of this world!) So, lets begin...

What inspired yourself and Lou Teasdale to set up Beauty School Drop out?
Lou and I sat down together earlier on this year. Spoke about collaborating together on a project to inspire the next make-up generation. The beauty school drop out was born!

Have yourself and Lou joined forces before?
Lou and I worked together on 'X factor' back in 2010 and I was working with Caroline Flack. Lou was working with Olly Mur’s.  We have been friends ever since and have stayed in contact whilst travelling on tour with clients one direction and Russell brand.

What sort of candidates are you looking for?
We are looking for talented, inspirational, hard working, committed, fun artists that we can help nurture in the world of the make-up, hair and fashion industry.

How will Beauty School Drop out help them in the real world?
We have a lot of surprises up our sleeve for the course; we will help the students connect with people in the industry and getting future work. All students can choose between HD Brows and St Tropez tanning to get a certificate so that they are able to support themselves financially whilst looking in the industry for paid work.

Is teaching something yourself and Lou have always wanted to do eventually?
For me, teaching has always been on my agenda. I want to inspire the next generation of artists and to let them know that anything is possible; If you set your goals and work towards them with passion and determination, and most of all a kind heart you can achieve anything and travel the world whilst doing it!

What brand support/sponsorships have you received so far and how will this benefit Beauty School Drop Out Academy?
Between Lou and I, we have created a beauty revolution of our own! And this would not have been possible without the amazing support from the brands that have come forward in support of us. The include:
Bobbi Brown
Benefit Cosmetics
Lash Boutique
Crown Brushes
St Tropez
HD Brows
Fudge Urban

Do you think that yourself and Lou will keep in contact with the candidates after the academy has finished?
Our aim is to support our 10 students and remain in contact and guide them and watch their careers blossom.

Is this something yourself and Lou, if successful, will do annually?
We are hoping to run more courses around the world. We have had a great response and long may it continue.  Thank you to all that have applied – we are absolutely loving your applications and seeing some pure talent!

Apart from building on their hair and make-up artistry skills, what else will beauty school drop out offer to the students? E.g. guest speakers, bloggers, and fashion insiders.
We have a selection of the most amazing guest speakers attending during the 5-day course. From agents to stylists to bloggers and vloggers; you’ll just have to watch this space!

Being a hair and make-up student myself, I can understand how expensive the private and public courses can be. Do you think this will inspire other celebrity and industry professionals within the hair and make-up industry to set up courses free of charge like yourself and Lou have with Beauty School Drop Out?
I cannot speak for other artists, however I am sure they are all giving back in some way knowing the struggle we go through to continue work in such a competitive industry. I think it is all-important that we are kind to one another and be too nice everyone. Also when I went to your college, London COLLEGE of Fashion at 16, the fee was not £9,000 a year. For me personally I want to give something back and this is my way of doing so, I know Lou feels the same!  

I found speaking to Nicola about the plans for Beauty School Dropout thrilling! What herself and Lou are doing is truly incredible. They are giving creative individuals the opportunity to have a career in this industry, for free! Which I have never heard of anybody to do before, as well as giving these 10 individuals to learn from the best! Lou and Nicola should be incredibly proud of themselves. I have a a feeling this academy is going to be the talk on the street very, very soon. Hopefully, I can visit the academy during the 5 days in 2016 and do a follow up post!

REMEMBER: If you feel that you are passionate about all things fashion, hair and make-up, have a drive to succeed and would love to learn from Lou and Nicola, then applications close on the 30th of October. There is still time to apply. Click here to be redirected to the applications page!

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