Tuesday, 3 November 2015

EVENT: Charli XCX x Impulse Collaboration Launch Party


I was extremely ecstatic to attend the launch party for Charli XCX and Impulse earlier in October. It was held at the Cuckoo Club in Oxford Circus (I have never been there so was very excited!) Charli XCX is best know for singing 'Boom Clap' and 'Doing it' which was a duet with Rita Ora. She is a beautiful person and has become quite the inspiration for teens now a days. 

The event was a huge success with famous faces at each corner (including Stephanie Pratt, Lucy Watson, Toff and the Confetti Crowd). There was flashing light candy floss, free cocktails (one of the best parts!), nail bars and tattoo bars, a photo booth as well as a 'Hoola-Hoop' presentation and a private concert by Charli XCX herself! (who needs to buy tickets off ticketmaster, ay?) 
I would like to thank Charli XCX and the team at Mischief PR for the invite and such a fantastic evening! I really did enjoy myself... just see for yourself! As for the impulses as part of the Charli XCX Collaboration, they smell incredible and are so so sweet. I love sweet smells and they are defiantly on the front row of my beauty shelf! 

If you would like to purchase either of the Charli XCX impulses, please click here! 

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