Tuesday, 6 October 2015

REVIEW: Grounded Coffee Scrub

I have never been 'good' with using a scrub... (Which sort of explains why my skin is normally drier than dry) However, I was really intrigued to use a 'coffee scrub' and see if there was actually any difference in the results compared to a normal 'sugar scrub'.

Grounded very kindly sent me two coffee scrubs: 
 Chocolate Orange 
Pink Grapefruit

I have never been a huge fan pink grapefruit as a scent so please bare this in mind! The Chocolate Orange smelt DELIGHTFUL! (Literally good enough to eat...) 

Coffee Body Scrub's are known to do the following: 
1.Increase Blood circulation
2.Reduce the appearance of Cellulite 
3.Sooth irritation and inflammation 
4.Exfoliate dead skin cells and leave the skin feeling and appearing smooth and soft
5.Soften and restores the natural moisture in the skin

I feel after using this scrub for the past 2 weeks my skin has become a lot softer and I do feel that the dead skin cells have been removed and the skin maintained in a soft and soothed condition better than a sugar scrub would have done. I felt like my skin was not being irritated through the roughness when applying which is fantastic as my skin is very sensitive due to the psoriasis. I followed the instructions exactly on the back of the packet. I applied a generous amount onto the skin and left for around 15 minuets and then washed off. I felt that 15 minuets was a lot better for myself (who has extremely dry skin) rather than 10!

I cannot say that I have noticed much reduction of cellulite appearance, but there is a slight decrease happening, which I hope that if I continue to use this scrub, this is something that will be achieved (I absolutely detest cellulite!) 

In terms of blood circulation, I cannot monitor this, however a good blood circulation is a fantastic thing for the improvement of skin health as well as promoting hair and nail growth and just keeping everything looking and feeling fantastic! 

The scrub defiantly has helped with my psoriasis and keeping it from inflammation and irritation which is great because it really stresses me out when it is inflamed! It has also helped with the application of the tanning products I have reviewed, and some that I am still in the process of reviewing. I would say because of the high nourishment and moisture in the coffee scrub, it is defiantly a much better exfoliator for fake tanning in comparison to some of the tanning scrubs and sugar scrubs I have been recommended to use previous. By using the correct exfoliator, you can achieve a much more even tan. 

The only thing I would say about the GROUNDED Coffee Scrubs is that decanting can be a messy job! The scrub particles do go everywhere in the shower I found and so I would say scrubbing in a bath would be easier and cleaner. I feel if a wooden decanting spoon were inside the packet you would be able to remove the right amount easier! I found sometimes I would be removing too much and sometimes I wouldn't be removing enough. As you can see in the image below the scrub is well 'bonded'. 

Overall I would recommend anybody the swap from a sugar scrub to a coffee based scrub and the reason I would choose the GROUNDED collection is because of how soft my skin felt and the fantastic flavors the scrub comes in! I used the scrub 4 times a week and felt this was a real change to my skin – I still have a good half a packet left in the chocolate orange. So, LETS GET GROUNDED!!!

If you would like to purchase a GROUNDED Coffee Body Scrub today, and get GROUNDED then please click here!

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