Tuesday, 29 September 2015

REVIEW: Madame LA LA Fake Tan

Are you tired and bored of being the pale friend because you haven't had a summer holiday or you just haven't had time to get a spray tan or have a sun-bed? LOOK NO FURTHER! 

I present to my readers... 'Madame LA LA' Tan. I was kindly sent the mousse tan in a light shade, because I am extremely pale, to review. Usually I use the 'Fake Bake - Flawless' in the self-tanning liquid. This has done me well over the years! The only issue I have had with fake bake is how quickly it fades... With Madame LA LA Tan I have found the tan has lasted much longer. 

I would always recommend using a body scrub to remove dead skin, especially if you are like me and suffer with dry skin and apply a moisturizer or body butter to the 'rough' areas of the body such as the elbows and knee's. Another main point when using a tan that is a slow developer is to always apply at night, so that the tan can develop whilst sleeping. Now, I know that some people can be skeptical about getting fake tan over the bed sheets, but with Madame LA LA I found no tan came off on my clothing or the bed sheets over the duration of the night. (This has to be the only tan I know to do this...) The brand recommends to allow 10 hours for the tan to develop so if you are like me and have to be up for work or university at around 6:30am/7:00am, then I would apply at 20:00 in the evening in order for the tan to develop to its maximum capability. REMEMBER TO APPLY WITH A FAKE TAN MITT!

So, my major struggle with applying any products to my body is the worry it will irritate my skin. Madame LA LA did not affect my skin at all! I have never had any issues with fake tan on my skin (yet), but the one thing I have noticed with any tan prior to this one is how the dryness of the skin can affect the development of the tan. So I would have parts of my skin more developed than others... (Patchy much?) With Madame LA LA I had an even complexion and all my skin was the same shade... it actually moisturized my dry skin whilst developing! (YIPPE!) I think this was thanks to the Coco water and Aloe Vera infused within the product.

I will be honest; the scent of the fake tan does smell like fake tan... but it isn't strong and if anything does have hints of coco, which I love the smell of! (My flat mate did say I also smelt like a coconut...) But I think every fake tan will smell like fake tan. That’s just how it is!

The next morning when I woke up, I showered the excess off until the water ran clear and I could not believe the shade! I looked like I had been on Malibu beach for around 10 days (not tanning for 10 hours)! And that was only after one coat... I was not orange either. I feel one coat is enough for me per time. I gave it around 5 days and then I felt like topping up. In my opinion, this is the best fake tan I have used, EVER! I know the price may seem a little high at £36, but for the outcome and the amount you use it is fantastic! If anything, I believe over a longer period of time you will be saving money because of how little you need to use each time!

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