Monday, 7 November 2016

Chin up with ChinUp Masks

Introducing the revolutionary non-surgical facelift. The new Chin Up Masks are the new way to reduce those double chins in just 30 minutes. Chin up can be used as a quick fix for a night out or special event, and even as a long-term solution if you stick to it.

There are 4 active key ingredients in the formula, and they are Q10, Vitamin E, Corum 9235 and Advanced Skintronics Technology. The Q10 is the simulator for cell strengthening and promotes the regeneration of skin, as well as helping to give immediate relief to the dry and dehydrated skin. Vitamin E is one of the most talked about benefits to our skin, and in the Chin Up Masks it acts as an anti-oxidant and will offer improved elasticity and smoothness. The most exciting ingredients out of the four would have to be the Corum 9235. This is what promotes the loss of chin fat and gives the most relaxing warming sensation when applied to skin! The final of the Key Active Ingredients is the Advanced Skintronics Technology and this is Chin Ups’s very own patent formula and will not be found in any other beauty and skincare product. What makes this Chin Up formula so special is the Skintronics Serum, which creates the contoured ‘chiseled’ look and reduces the appearance of your double chin!

Firstly, make sure you read the instructions on the inside of the sleeve. It took me a while to figure out where they were, but once I had it was GO GO GO! I measured my chin at 15cm, which was sort of heartbreaking to read but oh well! I applied the mask on and strapped myself into the ChinUp Band. You really do have to stretch the ChinUp Band, and wrap it from the chin to the top of your head. Your mouth, by this point, is closed and there is no physical way you can talk. So, make sure that your phone doesn't ring for the next 40 minutes. Instantly I felt the mask underneath the band tingling, which felt very similar to Tea Tree oil. This sensation carried on throughout the 40 minutes I had the mask on for. It felt relaxing, but the band was very tight and this kind of ruined the relaxing experience. 

By the last 16 minutes, my muscles around my chin actually started to hurt. REALLY HURT! This wasn't a pleasant feeling, but when you think about it, this 30-40 minute treatment is supposed to be a quick fix instead of having botox, and for that reason, I powered through the pain. 

Finally, the result! After 40 minutes, I removed the band and massaged the excess serum into my skin. I then measured........ 12.9cm! Just over 2cm thinner! This was definitely impressive, and actually, I would purchase this product in the future for results like this. The best part is I have another mask in my Trial pack, so I can do it all again next week. 

Chin Up Masks can be purchased in bulk, or just to trial. They are so confident in their results; they ask you to measure your chin size before starting, and again after. They even show you how to measure your chin accurately! Chin Up can be bought online at their website, starting at just £29.95.

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