Monday, 14 November 2016

The next best meal prep company...

The Yummy Tummy co. is the next best food service you need in your life! But I will say one thing, you need to be a 'meal preparer' in order to really use these. I try to be, but I always get to week 3 in the month and just loose the motivation to do so. Being a full-time student, and having a million and one things to do in the day, however, is the main benefit for these meals as I really take them on the go and have most of them hot OR cold. Let's also not forget that The Yummy Tummy Co. is GLUTEN, WHEAT and DAIRY FREE!

This name excited me, who doesn't love a bit of jerk in their life? I have to say, though, the taste was lovely initially, but after getting halfway through there was a sort of artificial taste in my mouth? But sometimes I feel this is because you need to heat them up in the plastic containers that they come in. They recommend that you heat them up for 2-3 minutes on full heat, but I actually needed to put mine in for 5-6 minutes because I like my food to be piping hot! I most likely wouldn't order this one again, but I am a fussy eater.

This was by far a preferable meal! I initially looked at it and thought I was going to turn into a rabbit with all that veg, but I am still human. This dish had thin noodles, with peppers, onions, and spring onions. Plus the most DEVINE sauce! I decided to heat this up, as I much prefer hot food to cold. I poured the sauce over the OODLES OF NOODLES after heating, and not before! This time I took the food out of the container and put it into a heatproof bowl instead of heating up in the plastic container. This made the food taste much nicer and should be recommended. Half way through the noodles, I started to get really full. There was quite a lot and you could easily make this a 2 portion meal and share with somebody else.

These are the best thing ever! I have such an obsession with Edamame peas, so you can imagine my excitement when  these came through with my delivery. AND THEY WERE SPRINKLED WITH CHILLI! Although I would have liked more but that's personal preference. I heated these pods up for 3 minutes, and I was loving every single one. (No seriously, if I wasn't sharing them with my flatmate I could have eaten all of them!) These are great to have as an on-the-go snack or to accompany your meal.

Overall, I would like to try some more meals from The Yummy Tummy Co. as I feel I need to taste them all. I would definitely order the OODLES OF NOODLES and PROTEIN PODS again. Just remember, they taste much nicer when they are removed from the container and heated up in a bowl. Fancy trying some? Visit one of their cafe's to try some today! Click here to be redirected to their website too!

Sourced Market 
Kings Cross St Pancras
Marylebone - Wigmore Street

East Finchely - N2 8AQ
Belsize Park - NW3 4QG

Planet Organic 
West Bourne Grove W2 5SH
Devonshire Square EC2M 4AE
Torrington Place  WC1E 7HJ   
Muswell Hill   N10 3HS                  
Islington  N1 8LR                             
Tottenham Court Road W1T 1BJ
Wandsworth  SW18 4TF

As Nature Intended
Marble Arch - W2 2EH
Chiswick - W4 2DR
Balham - SW12 9BP
Ealing - W5 5DB 
Spitafileds - E1 6NG

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