Sunday, 2 August 2015

Forever Living Products

I have been testing some new products that a friend of mine recommended. I have always suffered with psoriasis and sensitive skin so it is difficult for me to find brands that make natural products that I can trust. The brand of these products are called 'Forever Living' (Positive, right?).

So, the products I was given to trial and test were: 

Propolis Cream

I was advised to use any form of cream in small doses daily, as they are highly concentrated. This was the product I was most intrigued about as it is meant to be a benefit for eczema and psoriasis. I used a little bit each morning before applying my make-up. I always allowed 5-10 minuets for the moisturized to sink in to the skin before applying my foundation due to the fact I wanted it to work to the best of its ability. Before I started to use these products my skin would be very dry each morning, especially on my forehead. This prevented me from applying any make-up at all to my forehead due to the dryness! After around 48 hours of using this product I really noticed a difference in how soft and smooth my skin was beginning to feel. The fact that only a tiny amount could achieve this was incredible! Another benefit I found with this cream is that it was extremely hydrating for my hands as well. 
Personally, I do not suffer with cold sores or swelling, but I was advised that it was good for these as well. So any of you who suffer with the following should really give this product a go! 

Bee Pollen tablets
The Bee pollen tablets are a great source for the B9 and B12 vitamins. This was a godsend, as I never really pay enough attention to my vitamin intake (and I really should!). The beauty about these types of vitamins is how the convert food into fuel. So when you are like me and always on the go but never seem to have enough energy, these are perfect! Another benefit about these vitamins are that they are suppose to control blood levels AND for all you vegans and vegetarians out there, these are perfect as B12 is normally only found in animal products!
If your female and are like me in the sense of being easily annoyed or upset (basically, sensitive) you should really consider these tablets, as they are fantastic for regulating hormones. I have felt so much more content within myself and calm since taking the Bee Pollen tablets. You only need to take one a day so its perfect to remember at some point in your busy schedule!
Oh, and one more thing, Victoria Beckham tweets about these all the time!

Heat Lotion
Being a full time student and only just finishing my fresher’s year, I seem to have gone into the most irritating sleeping pattern. Staying up until 4am, even when I am not out! This is not a healthy sleeping pattern to get into. Since using the sleeping lotion I have been sleeping longer hours and continuously as well. It sinks directly into the muscles and the heat that it generates eases any tension, stress and headaches that may be occurring so that you can have a calm and peaceful sleep! (No need for a masseuse!) I personally like to apply it directly behind my neck, which is where I feel the most tension occurrence or on the backs of my shoulders. 

Aloe Gel
This product is a First aider in a tube! You would be surprised how many injuries can occur by interning within the fashion industry or even how sore your throat is after a heavy night out! This Aloe Gelly really can help you in pretty much any situation! It can sooth and heal skin that could be slightly cut or agitated, it can also be swallowed when you have a sore throat. It is also great for eczema and psoriasis which is fantastic when your on the move! Working for the fashion industry as an intern can have its stressful moments (think 'Devil wears Prada') so when my skin decides to flare up I just use a little amount of the Gel and presto! It can also be used on pets gums and for babies when they are teething.

Hand and Face Soap
I love the feeling of a fresh face when its been washed after a busy day with all that make-up on! I never use to use a facial soap before this, and now I just cannot get enough. I use it every night before going to bed (using my heat lotion!). Forever Living's Hand and Face soap is perfect for sensitive skin and is very moisturizing! Its very gentle and relaxing on the skin, which is exactly what I need in order to relax. It can also be used as baby shampoo, shaving gel and another trick I was told, Carpet cleaner! YES, CARPET CLEANER! 

I have really enjoyed trialling these products and it has given me such piece of mind knowing that there are products I can use that do not have to be prescribed by a doctor or GP for my Psoriasis. The products last a long time as you don't need to use loads, which makes them money beneficial as well! Please Click Here to be directed to the Forever Living website to have a look at the thousands of other products they have to offer. 

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