Friday, 6 November 2015

REVIEW: Proskins Slim Leggings


I broke my ankle last year and it was a pretty bad break. This means I was unable to work out at all to be honest until around March of this year. I wanted to get back into fitness after the summer period… (I was well and truly past the 'Summer Bod' and was defiantly not going to bother attempting). Proskin Slim VERY KINDLY sent me their Proskin Slim Leggings for fitness. These leggings are not only to help with workouts, but to also reduce cellulite. I hate cellulite, just like any other female does, so it was exciting to see how these worked out. 

I wanted to give them a really good review and to feedback to my readers how well they did/or didn't work so I trailed these for the 28 day challenge. This is a challenge in which you work out for 28 days in order to notice a real difference in your fitness/weight loss as well as your cellulite reduction. You do not notice a drastic difference straight away, so please bare this in mind. I also didn't go to the gym everyday - but if I didn't, I would work on core exercises at home. 

The leggings are very accurate - I'll have you all know! I mean, I am still working on the cellulite reductions (as I said they do not work instantly) but I have noticed a slight reduction within a month. The best part about these leggings in my opinion is the material and how soft and flexible they are. Not once does the material irritate my skin. Not once did the material make me feel all hot and flustered. Its incredible actually, they regulate your body temperature (some how) and when you’re feeling hot from an hour on that treadmill, you suddenly feel cool from the leggings. They are super flexible so if you are all into the Yoga classes and Pilates then you'll love them. I did a couple of spinning classes in these leggings and yeah, I felt really good! 

For somebody who goes to the gym, or works out everyday I would recommend getting around 2/3 pairs... just to help with the reduction of washing! Another pointer, they wash in the washing machine really well! But, I would never tumble dry this material - they are too nice to risk ruining. You might look at these and think "£50... are you having a laugh?"... But lets think about it logically. I, personally, would much rather spend this amount on a comfy, beneficial pair of leggings than having to fork out £5 or £10 every month because they ruin so easily.

SO... If you would like to buy some of these fantastic 'PROSKIN SLIM LEGGINGS' then please do click here! They are honestly worth every penny!


  1. Quite informative post on slim leggings. Last month, I had bought workout leggings for my daily workout routine and got amazing designer wear at such decent price. They are of really good quality so thinking to order for few more pairs.