Saturday, 28 November 2015

EVENT: Guinot Press Launch

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Guinot Press Event for their Christmas Gift Sets and brand new products. It was held at the Ice Bar in London (I've never been and was extremely excited!) Do not fear, they didn't put the products in the ice bar. We had the reception with drinks and nibbles in a room just below the ice bar. We also had a fabulous talk and demonstration with one of the ladies holding the event with Guinot and a beauty therapist. They demonstrated the Eye Logic treatment which tackles: 

Fine Lines
Dark Circles

This treatment consisted of 3 major steps:

  1. The Galvanic Step - This gives ionisation which means the products are encouraged into the skin. It helps to reduce puffiness and decongest's skin. This part uses a serum and this also helps up cell metabolism. It also takes away crow feet and frown lines.
  2. The Massage Step - This step is specialised with a massage technique. Ironing movements are used to smooth fine lines and plump skin. The movements also help to lift around the brow area and helps blood circulation. 
  3. The Mask Step - This third and final step involves a leave on serum, which can be left on for as long as over night. The serum is impregnated on a woven eye mask and can be used on intricate area's as well as on the eyelids. The mask is enriched with Vitamin C and includes a light exfoliation. This means that the eyes are left feeling refreshed and a lighter but firmer feel.
The treatment is scientifically proven and increases the firmness of the skin around eyes by 46.7%. The best part is that you can apply make-up straight after the treatment! It is recommended to have this treatment once a week for 3-4 weeks and then monthly thereafter.  

I would like to thank Guinot for the fantastic demonstration and all of the lovely goodies! I will defiantly be booking in for the Eye Logic treatment soon. (Trust me, I need it...) So, if you would like to book your Eye Logic treatment make sure to head into your local Guinot Salon. To find your local salon please click here! 

As for the ICE BAR, This was a great experience and I very much enjoyed the sculptures and ice cold cocktails...

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