Sunday, 15 November 2015

REVIEW: NAILED LONDON with Rosie Fortescue Gel Polishes

EXCITING NEWS! Rosie Fortescue, Best known from Made in Chelsea, has bought out a brand new Gel Polish - NAILED London! Put the UV Lamps away and cancel your nail appointments with the technician. You can now achieve that Gel Polish at home. With 28 shades and 4 glitter polishes, as well as the top and base coat - you are well equipped! By following the 3-step system you can achieve the perfect gel nails! 

"Inspired by catwalk looks and Rosie Fortescue's renowned passion for fashion, these long-lasting, high-shine lacquers provide superior longevity, durability and luminosity, for laid-back glamour day and night... without the hassle and damage of UV-cured gel systems."

I was kindly sent 2 shades as well as the top and base coat to review for my lovely readers. So, here it goes. 

I was a little unsure on the 3-step system, so I did have to ask the lovely PR team. The first step is the base coat (obviously). This base coat is to protect your natural nail underneath from the colour staining the nails as well as to help give that glossy shine at the end. The second step is the colour coat. This colour coat should be applied twice for a real strong colour. Finally, the third step is the topcoat. This is to help set the colour and give that glossy gel look. 

This 3-step system doesn't take much time at all, you need to remember it would take just under an hour in the nail salons, and can cost anything from £25. All together, it took me 15-20 minuets (including drying time). I would always wait a good couple of minuets between each coat, including the base coat. I painted mine in the evening before I went to bed, and then watched Emmerdale whilst the varnish was drying... (My kind of perfect evening).

Painting your nails once a week, with no chipping is a dream. It defiantly makes my life easier. Gel varnish is also much better for your nails (on a scientific note)

So, all in all, a must have this Christmas, next spring, next summer... (Actually all year round!) You'll be saving time and money and with the huge variety of colours, there is something for everybody! My two colours were 'STARWARS' and 'Berry Sexy'. 

If you would like to purchase the NAILED collection, remember to include the topcoat and base coat, then please click here! At £7 each, you would be silly not to!

The 'Berry Sexy' Shade

The 'STARWARS' Shade.

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