Saturday, 7 November 2015

REVIEW: Living Nature // Docteur Renaud

I was so fortunate to receive the Docteur Renaud Carrot Detox Scrub and Living Nature Toner to review as part of my skincare routine. Both products are absolutely fantastic and 100% worth investing in. 

Dr Renaud Carrot Scrub Detox (for the face) 

I know how difficult it can be to find the perfect skincare products when there is so much out there. And most of us are too scared to venture outside from the high street stores such as Boots, Superdrug and Body Shop. Well, fear no more! This carrot facial detox scrub is just out of the world! As you know from previous reviews, I mention my psoriasis and dry skin a lot. I am always so skeptical about products reacting to my skin and making it worse. This facial scrub couldn't have sorted my dry skin out any better! For once, my skin was smooth for hours on end after using it. (I have actually become quite addicted to it...) 

With this scrub a little can go along way. You only need the tiniest amount to soften your skin and remove the dry patches! It has also helped to get rid of those nasty blackheads! 

I am not a lover of carrots (unless they are smothered with gravy!), so when I did look at this product I wasn't entirely sure what it would smell or even look like. It doesn't smell of carrots at all (Horay!). It actually smells pretty good. The scrub particles are so tiny that you really do not have to worry about that scratchy feeling some scrubs can give you. I would also recommend using in the shower. The steam from the hot water really opens up your pores which means you can get a thorough scrub and detox!

Overall I would really recommend anybody with dry or oily skin to invest in this product. I am so pleased I have been introduced to the brand and I am excited to try some more of their range! If you would like to purchase one or some of the Docteur Renaud Range then please click here!

Living Nature Sensitive Hydrating Toner

With my hectic lifestyle of University, work, press events, parties and socialising, I can forget to do the whole 'Cleanse, tone and moisturise' routine. (Its not as easy to remember as you would think!) So I love being sent toners and cleansers as this really motivates me to remember. Usually I would just use my normal 'Simple' collection. Living Nature's Sensitive hydrating toner really does hydrate your skin. I always feel with most toners, (including 'Simples') that it can really dry the skin out. Usually this is because it is closing the pores after the cleanser. It can be quite uncomfortable sometimes... Living Nature have somehow managed to avoid this sensation and make the skin feel really nourished and hydrated. It's so clever! I didn't even feel the need to moisturise after using (although I did, just incase). 

I used this toner for around a month everyday and within this time people were complimenting on how clear my skin was and how lovely my complexion was. So, not only did it do the basic jobs of a toner but it improved the appearance as a whole! (now, this is something no simple product has ever done for me before...) You can see in the images how light the consistency is. You do not even need that much. I applied using cotton pads. I feel this is the most hygienic way!

So, if you would like to add some living nature to your skincare routine, then please click here!

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